Debunking Common Myths About Air Conditioning Replacement

As a leading provider of air conditioning services in the Bay Area, Bay Area Air Conditioning, Inc. has constantly interacted with the people who have many misconceptions about air conditioning replacement and central AC units. In order to help our customers make better, more informed decisions about their HVAC systems, we believe it’s important to debunk these common myths.

Myth 1: Replacing Only Parts of Your Central AC Unit Is More Economical

One widely prevalent myth is that replacing only a portion of your central AC unit, specifically the outdoor unit, saves more money than replacing the entire system. This is not necessarily true. It might offer short-term savings, but it’s important to know that the indoor unit and outdoor unit are designed to work together. If the components don’t match, the system could suffer and end up costing more in the long run because of increased energy consumption and more frequent repairs. Learn more about the right way to replace AC units here.

Myth 2: The Bigger the AC Unit, the Better

Another common myth is that a larger AC unit will cool your home more efficiently. This is also not accurate. AC units need to be properly sized to the house for optimal efficiency. A unit that is too large will cycle on and off frequently, which can wear down components, cause temperature fluctuations, and increase energy costs. Trust in professionals to properly size your unit.

Myth 3: You Only Need to Replace Your Air Filter Once a Year

Many people believe that air filters in an AC unit only need to be replaced once a year. However, the filters should be replaced far more often, typically once every 1-3 months. This can depend on usage, the type of filter, and the air quality in your home. Regular air filter replacements can improve the efficiency of your system and the quality of your indoor air.


In conclusion, when it comes to replacing your AC system or maintaining your central AC, there are a lot of misconceptions. Always look for factual information and advice from trusted HVAC professionals at Bay Area Air Conditioning, Inc. Your air conditioning system is a large home investment – ensure you are taking the right steps to protect it.